106: Dress-Up Episode

Harley Quinn vs. Pretty Little Liars

Sometimes it’s nice to dress up and pretend to be someone… or somewhere else. This week we look at two very unique examples in Pretty Little Liars and Harley Quinn. Listen to this wild episode here.

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105: First Time

The O.C. vs. Shrill

It’s one of TV’s favorite tropes: the first time. Yes, we’re talking about sex! We get into the awkwardness, the importance of communication, and the pressure all wrapped up in that memorable moment. It’s The O.C. vs. Shrill this week: listen to the episode here.

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104: Careful What You Wish For…

Dickinson vs. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Do you wish you could be a famous poet? Do you want to bring your Mom back from the dead? Well, be careful what you wish for… it’s Dickinson vs. Buffy the Vampire Slayer in our latest episode. Listen here.

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103: Natural Disaster

United States of Tara vs. Grey’s Anatomy

united states of tara torando

Today on TV Winner Pod we revist our love of United States of Tara and Beth watches her first full episode of Grey’s Anatomy! It’s a torando vs. hospital blackout in the battle for best Natural Disaster Episode! Listen now.

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102: Start of the Summer

Freaks and Geeks vs. Dawson’s Creek

Even though we’re long out of school we still think about the Start of Summer Vacation/End of the School Year VIBES. This week we look at two episodes that capture it best: Freaks and Geeks vs. Dawson’s Creek. (And Yes, it is THAT episode of Dawsons). Listen here.

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101: Twist

The Good Place vs. American Horror Story: Murder House

the good place best twist

This week SPOILERS BEWARE because we are going deep into two of our favorite, show-altering, mind-bending TV TWISTS! It’s The Good Place vs. Murder House. Listen here.

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The 100th Episode

Celebrating other shows that have made it to 100!

We’ve done it! We’ve reached out 100th episode. To honor the occasion, we’re discussing some of our favorite shows that reached the 100 milestone as well as a few we wished had the chance to. Listen to our talk right here.

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99: Madness

Search Party vs. Mad Men

This week we are looking at characters who suddenly (or maybe not-so-suddenly?) “descend into madness!” *ominous cackle*. We’re looking at a slightly infamous episode of Mad Men and a brand-new episode of Search Party. Check it out here.

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98: We’re Having a Baby!

Catastrophe vs. Jane the Virgin

No, not us. The folks of Catastrophe and Jane the Virgin are, and boy are they surprised! Listen to us talk about these pregnancy discovery episodes right here.

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97: Unexpectedly Dark

Boy Meets World vs. Dave

boy meets world

This week we are talking about episodes that surprise is with their REALNESS, and their DARKNESS. It’s time for unexpectedly dark episodes – listen here.

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