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115: Finales

The Leftovers vs. Friday Night Lights

It’s time for us to say goodbye, so naturally our own finale focuses on our favorite TV Finales. It’s our old faves Friday Night Lights vs. The Leftovers. Join us for a lengthy discussion on how to end a show well!

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TV Winner’s Best of 2021

Our favorites of 2021

We have just about made it through 2021 (can you believe it?!) so we’re ready to take a look back at the long year and spotlight our favorites. Listen here to hear the many shows we enjoyed this year plus our favorite characters, episodes, and what we’re looking forward to in 2022.

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113: Mallpisode

Gilmore Girls vs. The O.C.

What happens at the mall stays at the mall… right? We’ll see! This week we talk about two of our old faves and their episodes spent at THE MALL. Grab some Orange Julius then listen to our conversation here.

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112: Secret Relationships

Normal People vs. Parks and Recreation

This week we look at two different version of Secret Relationships, as a drama and as a comedy. It’s Normal People vs. Parks and Recreation! Listen to the episode here.

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111: Hostage Situation

Law & Order: SVU vs. Supernatural

If we’re in a crisis we want Olivia Benson and/or The Winchester Brothers there to help. Good thing these two hostage situations have these characters on hand! It’s Law & Order: SVU vs. Supernatural in Best Hostage Situation Episode: Listen here.

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110: Masquerade

Gossip Girl vs. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Masquerade! Hide your face so you can…sneak into the ball and/or plan nefarious activities? It’s all here in our Best Masquerade Showdown: Gossip Girl vs. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Listen here.

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109: Best of Schitt’s Creek

“Finding David” vs. “Grad Night”

We’re discussing one of our favorite sitcoms, now that it’s been over a year since it’s finale. This week is all about Schitt’s Creek and our love of this kooky bunch. Listen here!

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108: Eloping

Hacks vs. The Office

We’re talking about a certian kind of wedding this week – eloping! Why do people do it and is it the best way to get married? We get into it! Listen to us discuss Hacks and The Office right here.

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107: Dance Moment

Better Things vs. Freaks and Geeks

better things dance

Sometimes TV characters just have to take a dance break. This week we look at two of our favorite TV dance moments on scripted shows: Better Things and Freaks and Geeks. Listen to the episode here.

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