89: Historical Event

Mad Men vs. High Maintenance

It’s time to get historical and reflect on the past several decades and years-that-felt-like-decades in American history. But through TV! It’s Mad Men & High Maintenance this week for Best Historical Event TV Episode. Listen here!

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88: Beauty Contest

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend vs. Dawson’s Creek

This week we’re taking a look at the strange, unbeleivabely outdated beauty contest! Who will win Miss Windjammer on Dawson’s Creek? Or what about Miss Douche on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? Listen here to find out.

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87: Meet the Parents

Friends vs. Love

It’s cringe-week on TV Winner as we Meet The Parents. We’ve got Park Avenue faux pas and a big ole family reunion in South Dakota: It’s Friends vs. Love. Listen here!

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83: Detention

Sex Education vs. Dawson’s Creek

dawsons creek detention

Ooh boy, this is a good one. We talk about High School Detention, the looming influence of The Breakfast Club, the best Dawson’s Creek episode, and what women have in common. Listen here!

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Pride Month at TV Winner

The Best Episodes for Our Favorite LGBTQ Characters

david rose and patrick schitt's creek

June is Pride Month, and as we’ve covered a number of television shows with characters in the LGBTQ community, we wanted to take a minute to spotlight some of the TV Winner installments that highlight the very best episodes for those characters. From Jack McPhee on Dawsons’s Creek up to Rosa Diaz of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and David Rose on Schitt’s Creek, we’ve got a good selection to help you celebrate the month. A list of our favorites are below:

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